The meeting will include contributed talks.

Participants wishing to give a talk at the meeting are requested to submit electronically a 1-page abstract using the template (pdftex). Submissions should be done via Easychair:

  • Deadline for Submission of Contributed Talks: 8 May 2022.
  • Notification of acceptance: 15 May 2022.

Accepted contributed talks

  • Formalising Approximation Fixpoint Theory (Bart Bogaerts and Luís Cruz-Filipe)
  • Computational properties of PNmatrices (Carlos Caleiro, Pedro Filipe and Sérgio Marcelino)
  • Two pure ecumenical natural deduction systems (Luiz Carlos Pereira and Elaine Pimentel)
  • The Halpern-Mann iteration in CAT(0) spaces (Bruno Dinis and Pedro Pinto)
  • Modal embeddings and calling paradigms (José Espírito Santo, Luís Pinto and Tarmo Uustalu)
  • Formal Theories of Occurrences (Rene Gazzari)
  • ‘Provability Implies Provable Provability’ in FLINSPACE (Paulo Guilherme Santos, Isabel Oitavem and Reinhard Kahle)
  • Decidability of combined logics, and applications (Sérgio Marcelino and Carlos Caleiro)
  • The Halpern-Mann iteration in UCW-hyperbolic spaces (Pedro Pinto and Laurențiu Leuștean)
  • The arithmetical nature of the Hydra Game (Gabriele Pulcini)
  • Adding abductive reasoning to a propositional logic (João Rasga and Cristina Sernadas)
  • Decidability of Consequence via Reduction (Jaime Ramos, João Rasga and Cristina Sernadas)